Judy Christie's Gone to Green

Judy Christie’s Gone to Green is a novel about Lois Barker, a female newspaper editor turned owner, who relocates from Dayton, Ohio to Green, Louisiana. She isn’t exactly enamored of the town when she gets there, she sort of resents the fact she has to be there, and then before we know it, she is firmly entrenched there. Judy takes us all on an emotional and spiritual journey in a series of community events that makes the reader an honorary citizen of Green.

My favorite thing about Gone to Green – is how ENGAGING it is! The novel reads like witty banter, creating a first person heroine who is approachable and charming. There is scandal and faith and friendship and crime. And for those of us who like it, there is a small touch of romance, as well. The true love story in Gone to Green, however, is the story of how Lois falls in love with the town and its people.  And I fell in love right along with her. And, y’all, the ending is so poignant I cried. Just saying.

My favorite character – Gone to Green has SO MANY lovable CHARACTERS from which to pick!! It would be very difficult to choose… a second place. However, first place goes firmly to Chris Craig, Lois’s neighbor and friend. He is a warm and cozy and safe character whose part in the story is bigger than the amount of words dedicated to him should create. I’m not sure how Judy made me love Chris so much so quickly, especially considering he plays a relatively small part in the story, but love him I did.

My favorite tidbit  - how much Chris loves his school kids! As a former teacher and principal, I empathized with Chris’s closeness to and feelings about his students. When asked how he can teach kids all day, Chris answers succinctly and beautifully:
             “I feel called to do it. I like those kids and I hope most of them like me. It’s good work, the Lord’s work.”

And the best part about it all… This is the first of a SERIES!! I was so excited to see how many more books in the series are already written! Goodness Gracious Green (The Green Series Book 2) was next on my to-be-read list and the other books followed. I enjoyed them all and am hoping there will be more to come!

About the Author: Judy Christie reads, writes & talks about books from her green kitchen couch in Louisiana. She has had 15 books published, including nine novels, and writes a weekly book column for The Shreveport Times (www.shreveporttimes.com). A former journalist, Christie started her newspaper career as the editor of the Barret Banner in elementary school. She loves visiting with readers, and you can sign up for her e-newsletter—and a free worksheet on writing your own story--at www.judychristie.com or chat on Facebook at www.facebook.com/judychristieauthor.

What did you like best about writing Gone to Green? This was my first novel, my 50th birthday gift to myself, and I was amazed at how fun it felt to sit down and create a new community. I had such a good time watching the story unfold, and that led to the 5-part Green series.

Who is your favorite character & why? This is a tough question because I like each of the characters in their own way, but Katy is one of my favorites because there’s so much more to her than I expected at first glance. She’s funny, too, and looks at the world from a different angle than I do—even though I created her. Weird, huh?

What is a beloved tidbit from the story? The “news items” at the beginning of each chapter were suggested by friends and family. I asked people I knew to send me a made-up news story for a made-up newspaper in a made-up town—and they delivered some fun, folksy tales. Sometimes readers ask for a collection of those tidbits!

Are there going to be more Green books? / On what are you working now? I hope there’ll be at least one more Green book, a Christmas novella down the line. Right now, I’m writing the third Wreath Willis novel, “Wreath, In College.” This is a series that I love, about a strong girl who lives alone in a junkyard after the death of her mother. Determined to graduate from high school, she works part time in a rundown furniture store, has her first crush on a guy at school and, like Lois in “Gone to Green,” begins to change the small Southern town where she settles. The first Wreath book, “Wreath, A Girl,” has been optioned for film/TV, which thrills me.

What are five frivolous things you love?
            What a fun question!
            1. Writing snail-mail letters and creating “letter art” with decorated envelopes
            2. Roaming around flea markets in search of chipped green pottery with two old friends;
            3. Wandering through libraries or used book stores in search of surprise books
            4. Going to the movie at least once a week with my husband…in a theater (I want to write a screenplay, so maybe this isn’t all frivolous. Smile.)
            5. Reading home-decorating magazines and books, my guilty pleasure.

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  1. What a fun interview! I enjoyed meeting Judy through your blog. Thank you.

  2. Aww, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I loved your blog. And I would have even if I was not your MOM!!!

  4. That books sounds very interesting! Being from a small town myself and bringing a city guy (NYC) here, I can totally relate to the premise lol I'll look it up for my next summer read!

  5. I am now on the second book in this series. I love it too. Good, fun reading.

  6. I am almost finished with book 3. I absolutely loved these books. I usually do not read contemporary novels, but find these books very entertaining. I have requested that our library system order the last two books of the series.
    Great job Judy! Thank you Lanna!