A CHANGED AGENT by Tracey J. Lyons

A Changed Agent is about a feisty schoolteacher, a loner Pinkerton Agent, and the two young kids who bring them together. Throw in a thief, a saloon girl, some subterfuge, a trial of faith, and a best friend you grow to love and you have this engaging story by Tracey J. Lyons.

CONFESSION: I liked this book so much, that I contacted the author in the middle of reading it to tell her how much I was enjoying it.

My favorite thing about the story:  

            I love it when a book grabs me from the get-go and doesn’t let me loose! In those first few minutes of A Changed Agent, I felt Elsie’s compassion for the children – Minnie and her protective, lovable brother Harry – as it shone through her and into me. I loved Will for taking in children he had no idea what to do with. And I was proud of Elsie for helping Will out even though she wasn’t quite sure of him. By the end of Chapter 1, I was fully invested in the story.

My favorite character:

Harry!  This adorable boy is a hero! I love how he cares for his sister, how protective he is of her. It is just the most precious thing!

Favorite tidbit:

“…all those sounds faded into the background until the only thing he heard was her soft intake of breath. Bending his head, he touched her mouth with his. She tasted like warm honey.” *swoon*

An Amazon top ten bestselling author, Tracey J. Lyons sold her first book on 9/9/99! She holds membership in Romance Writers of America, Liberty States Fiction Writers, and Novelist, Inc. Tracey always wanted to be an actress but couldn’t get past her stage fright. Writing gives her the best if both worlds; she can act out the part on the pages without ever having to go on stage! Tracey’s books have been translated into several languages, and she has appeared on the award winning Cox Cable Television show, Page One and at the famous Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC.

What did you like best about writing this story?

I really had a passion for the premise of the story line and had a great time writing about Will and Elsie’s journey to find their true love.

Who is your favorite character & why? 

I really loved writing about Minnie. It’s always a challenge to write a child character because in real life kids can be so unpredictable. But I thoroughly enjoyed developing Minnie’s story line.

What is a beloved tidbit from the story?

I really liked seeing how Will was going to overcome his challenges with his faith. Not sure if that’s a tidbit, but it’s a part of the story I enjoyed fleshing out.

On what are you working now?

Right now I’m working on the next book in the series, Lily and Owen’s story which will be set at an Adirondack Great Camp. And I'm also developing a sweet contemporary series set in the Hudson Valley of New York state.

What are five frivolous things you love?

            My mini-flat iron for my short curly hair.            
           My Starbucks Vegas coffee mug which I fill with tea every morning because I don’t drink coffee.
            Okay my new car, which sounds really shallow, but it’s all mine!
            My expensive bed pillow. 
            I really love good chocolate.

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 What are five frivolous things you love?


  1. I love when a book grabs me like that too! You know it will be exciting!

    thanks for sharing this!


  2. I loved this book!! I enjoyed the sweet romance.

  3. I love that you contacted the author in the middle of reading the book. That's awesome!